The Motherboard Virus


This post is about my reaction about Jigs the computer geek who discovered the Motherboard Virus and tried it on his friend Clark’s computer. One word: what a douchebag.

Now, he did quite a few offenses. First, he tested the virus without Clark knowing. That means that he just sneaked in and got Clark’s PC without the latter knowing. Strike one for violation of privacy. Next, unless Clark is part of a very small portion of the population, his PC is protected by a password. If not, well, maybe he should be aware of the security risks of not having one. If he has, but he hadn’t told Jigs, this is strike two for privacy intrusion. Well, cracking the password would just be a piece of cake for Jigs, of course.


And most especially, he installed something in the PC. Now, if this was something good, like Photoshop CS6 or Microsoft Office 2016, the other two offenses would be excusable, but of all the programs, he chose to install a virus! And out of all the viruses that he could have installed, he chose the most powerful virus since the existence of man. Okay, maybe it’s a little exaggerated but still it’s a big deal.


Now assume that I am Clark. Sheez! My motherboard is broken! I should go to Jigs. He’s the only one I know who can probably fix this. But I have a feeling that this cannot be fixed anymore.. Okay whatever, I will still go to Jigs. I’m sure he knows what to do. Maybe suggest a good motherboard brand, perhaps.


Then assume that the two meet, and this time I’m Jigs. Oh.. Fudge. I was right. It is indeed the motherboard virus. But I destroyed Clark’s motherboard. I should confess.. But if I confess he might be angry and our friendship might be over.. But he needs help. Okay I’ll tell him.


And so, Jigs should tell the whole story to Clark since he deserves to know the truth. Clark might be outraged, but Jigs should do something to compensate. I can suggest a few: (1) Jigs buys Clark a motherboard or a new PC altogether, (2) since Jigs is the computer buff, he should help Clark ensure his security and privacy by putting a password in his PC and possibly install an antivirus. Aside from doing Clark those things, he can also (3) do something to spread awareness about the Motherboard Virus so that there would be no more victims. Here comes the tool to execute that: the internet.

Seems legit.

(4) Jigs shouldn’t do it again. It’s wrong to destroy human relationships by mere technology, although that is exactly what is happening right now in our society. Though it’s another matter for next time…technology-and-human-communication3


In the beginning, there was only Netscape and IE.

The battle between Netscape and IE

In this post, I’m going to talk about what I think about the browser war history between Netscape’s Navigator and Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, which is kinda ironic since I am typing this blog post using Google Chrome. Hooray!

I found the video interesting enough and it gave me a useful insight as to what big companies would do in the midst of competition. I sure felt intimidated about Bill Gates and his strategies that really made a change as to how we browse the internet nowadays. I also felt bad for Netscape because Microsoft seized the spotlight from then in the middle of the boom of their Navigator. And then I rationalized, I should get used to these scenarios because there are plenty of cases like this in the world of business, which I hope I am going to be working in in the near future.

I just realized that Internet Explorer back then was a big thing, which I had trouble to comprehend since it is apparently that laughingstock browser when I go to 9gag. Posts such as ” ‘Happy New Year 2011!’ -Sent via Internet Explorer on September 5, 2015″ and other variations are really common. I don’t really have a say on this, because I have neither used Netscape nor IE.

Internet users nowadays seem to worship Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox. With the release of Windows 10 last July 29th, Microsoft Edge was added to the list. Our generation, which is to say the generation that was born in the period when the browser wars took place, are not really aware that in the beginning, there was only Netscape and IE.

Too bad, I have observed that Netscape’s name is a stranger to my generation, but good for IE, because its brother, Edge’s logo is strikingly similar to it’s own. That is why I can say that IE is still popular, although not in the sense that it is a good browser, but because of Microsoft and now its brother Edge.

So that’s why Edge’s logo seems so familiar!

Hello world!

Hello world! I didn’t exactly know why one day my hands brought me to this site and created an account. But anyway, to tell you frankly, there are a lot, seriously, a lot of things that I want to write about. I want to rant, make stories, express my feelings (I’m feeling so infatuated to someone right now!), and do other things that I could not have the courage to do on social media. Awyeeeeaaaa. So folks, I hope you enjoy reading my miscellaneous blog!